G.58 Cuisine is one of the most exciting new restaurants to open this year

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That G.58 Cuisine has set a very high bar for itself is evident the moment you step inside, and find yourself in a space that could, at first blush, easily be taken for an art gallery. Indeed, the stunning floor-to-ceiling bas relief on a wall just inside the entrance, of men scaling a skyscraper, is a physical embodiment of the restaurant’s “the sky’s the limit” philosophy, according to manager Joseph Procida. The dining room is just as dramatic, with decor highlights, including wall-spanning murals and tapestries imported from China, sculptures ranging from jade horse to abstract wire, and an eclectic collection of paintings. Silk lotus chandeliers suspended over tables draped in crisp white linens (with a different fresh flower arrangement on each), serve notice that the restaurant is just as serious about food as it is about art.

— Greg Cox

Menu Hopping: G.58 Modern Chinese Cuisine

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G.58 Cuisine is taking the decadence and glamour of dining to the next level with its modern twist to traditional Chinese fare. From the moment guests walk into the Morrisville restaurant they’re greeted with the utmost hospitality and an upscale ambiance. However, it’s the food that takes center stage. The motto of G.58 Cuisine is ‘the sky is the limit’ and that philosophy drives the restaurant’s high quality of excellence. G.58 has several master chefs from various regions across China that bring their unique talent, experience, and creativity to the table.



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Some restaurants are designed to transport us and offer a truly unique dining experience, and some of our favorite restaurants in the Triangle provide that feeling of escape–where the food and the atmosphere are enough to make us feel like, at least temporarily, we could be dining in a completely different city. At G.58 Cuisine, we are technically dining in a different city, but really, just a few minutes over the Durham border in Morrisville. We heard about this fine dining Chinese restaurant when it first opened last summer, promising a modern approach to traditional Chinese cuisine. This mash up makes for a truly unique experience–one that is hard to come across elsewhere in the Triangle.

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Restaurant Profile: G.58 Cuisine

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If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression, G.58 Cuisine in Morrisville will not disappoint.

It’s difficult to determine if people come to the restaurant for the delectable modern Chinese fare or for the breathtakingly stylish surroundings. Most likely it’s a bit of both. G.58 serves as an ideal spot for a business lunch, a romantic dinner or a special occasion, but undoubtedly you will find yourself wanting to enjoy it at every possible opportunity.

Open since July 2018, the expansive, 200-seat restaurant features exquisite imported artwork, floor-to-ceiling windows, custom leather seats and silk lotus light fixtures. Each table is appointed with a white tablecloth and fresh flowers.

Seafood dinner options include sea scallops with sautéed asparagus and bell pepper.
— David McCreary

Sharing Culture Through Cuisine

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Julia Li didn’t always work in restaurants, but because she wanted to share her native country’s food with her new community, she learned what she needed to know. Now, she’s the owner of G.58 Modern Chinese Cuisine, the culmination of a dream years in the making. The Morrisville restaurant, which opened in September, features dishes from the cuisines of eight Chinese culinary regions prepared by some of China’s best chefs. Li recruited them to G.58 while traveling in China, researching its different cuisines and shopping for the restaurant’s décor. One of G.58’s chefs has 15 years of experience in preparing Peking duck at Beijing Peking House, where he prepped between 600 and 800 ducks a day. G.58 now serves this traditional delicacy, as well as dishes such as lobster tail fried tempura–style with breadcrumbs, ginger, pepper and garlic; or slow-cooked pork belly served with kumquats.

— Katie Jansen

A Simphony to your senses

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G.58 Modern Chinese Cuisine is a symphony to your senses. The delightful aromas wafting through the dining room, the impeccably plated cuisine, the phenomenal Sichuan and Cantonese flavors, and the design of the space and incredible art that adorns the walls all synergize together to create a truly memorable experience... (pages 36-38)

— 919 Magazine

G.58 Cuisine Offers Fine Dining Chinese

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When G.58 Cuisine opened about six months ago, I made a mental note to check out the first fine dining Chinese restaurant in the Research Triangle area. I think the Universe heard me and thought I was taking too long to make that happen because G.58 reached out to me and invited me over for a feast of a meal. Many thanks to G.58 for hosting me!

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— Linda Eats World